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About Us

Mission statement

Our mission is to create art that awakens your senses to the joy, peace and tranquility that the heart hungers to rest in.

Julie Anne
Botanical Artist

I have been working with real botanicals for over 30 years. Pressing flowers started has a hobby and soon turned into much more than I had imagined. I love bold, vivid colors. I see things in color patterns and simple symmetry by utilizing only the best of blooms. Although I press many things myself I also have flower growers that supply my demands.

All of the materials I use are sealed behind glass or plastic to protect the art and help maintain the color so they will last for years and years. Some materials are color stained, {Horsetail, Green Ramie leaf, etc. (Chlorophyll dissipates quickly).

The pressed Fruits and vegetables are my newest medium. After studying German artists that make vegetable papyrus I was intrigued with the wonderful graphic patterns that naturally occur in fruits and vegetables. The process begins with finely slicing the fruits and vegetables with a mandolin and very sharp knives. They are placed between cotton cloth and paper which is changed every 4 hours for about 4 days. Once the moisture is out, they go into another press for approximately 4 weeks until they are completely flat and dry.

This new medium has enabled me to add a whole new collection to my body of work. I hope you will see food in a whole new way that tantalizes your senses.

My motto is: "Surround yourself with beauty;" celebrating life with flowers, food, and the people you love.